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Telecom Offer Why Choose Cloud

Why Choose Cloud?

Cloud-based communications is the fastest growing segment of the telecommunications marketplace, with expected adoption rates of nearly 50%-60% over the next several years.

Cloud-based communications SAVES YOU MONEY, it reduces the need for RESOURCES, LOWERS YOUR RISK, and DRIVES INNOVATION in the way your company runs and communicates.

At Crexendo, we serve you your telecommunications, and redefine the way you pay for your monthly phone service!

Let’s take a deeper look at the benefits:

Lower total cost of ownership

  • No upfront capital expense, with no expensive equipment or maintenance to purchase.

Very little IT support needed

  • Simple, Intuitive, and fully-functional through one web interface.

Keeps your business uninterrupted

  • Not even a local natural disaster can bring your business down. Crexendo’s multi-location and fully redundant data centers are always on and always reliable.

Scale up or Scale Down

  • The flexibility is yours and we grow when you grow. Never again overpay for too much capacity.

Great Functionality

  • Get Crexendo Mobile (CrexMo) and take your desktop calls on the road without burning cellular minutes.

Automatic Upgrades/No maintenance

  • Never wait for another maintenance technician. We provide periodic maintenance and upgrades to our system, which are automatically pushed to all of your devices.

Stay connected anywhere

  • Great for teleworkers and multi-office companies. Four-digit dial anyone in your extension whether they work in the next office, next town, or next state.

Frees you up to focus on the core elements of your business

  • Communication is how you do business, not your business. Spend more time focused on the factors that drive your business forward.

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